Wednesday, May 10, 2017

As usual, we always ask one or more of our competitors to provide a write up from the players seat. Here is one competitors view from that chair.

This year's BSides Charm had a lot more people in it and the WCTF was no exception. Quite a few participants we're new to the wireless village, but that didn't stop them from learning new things and getting to the top of the scoreboard. The WCTF included both WiFi and SDR challenges that provided an excellent platform to learn and practice for everyone including beginners. One of the most fun challenges during this competition was the wireless Fox hunt, where players have to track down a single wireless access point signal that a random person is carrying. Imagine having to pin point the location of a pocket size router that 1 person is carrying amongst the 900+ people that attended BSides Charm. Well this is just one the many fun challenges that the WCTF has to offer and with each new conference they bring new and more interesting challenges to keep everyone learning new things every time. My best advise is to go with a few friends, make a team and assign specific roles or areas of expertise to each person and when another conferences comes along you can switch roles. That way each member can have the opportunity to learn something new each time and become a more well-rounded  competitor. Also when I participate in the WCTF I always go in with the goal in mind to have fun no matter what. So if you attend another conference that has a WCTF then feel free to join in and take a crack at a few of the challenges and I bet you will have a lot of fun and learn new things along the way.

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