Tuesday, August 14, 2018

... and we wave a fond farewell to DEFCON 26

The final scores are....

Thank you soooooooo much to our awesome sponsors who donated the awesome prizes below.

Hak5, Hacker Warehouse, No Starch PressSimple WiFi

Lets congratulate the winners.....

Majestic 12

Cracking Codes with Pyuthon
PoC/GTFO Volumes I & II
Hack for Charity T-shirt
2 Baseball caps
Hak5 Field Kit bag
2 HackRF Acrylic cases
     Packet Squirrel
     Micro Ethernet Essentials
     USB Adapter kit
     WiFi Pineapple Nano
     WiFi Pineapple Tetra
     Bash Bunny
     Rubber Ducky
     Lan Turtle
     Guides to the Bunny, Turtle, Squirrel, Pineapple, and Duck
2 HackRFs
HackRF Porta Pack
RF Explorer Field Antenna
Dope Scope
Paddle Anetnna
Blade RF II
Custom Flash Nexus 6
3 Wireless Village 2018 coin
3 Wireless Village patches

DiPolarBears . (Second Year in a row!!!)

PoC/GTFO Volumes I & II
Cracking Codes with Python
2 HackRFs
HackRF One Acrylic Case
HackRF Porta Pack
RF Explorer Loop Antenna
Paddle Antenna
Blade RF Magnet
6 Wireless Village 2018 patches


Hak5 Pineapple Nano
PoC/GTFO Volumes I & II
Cracking Codes with Python
BladeRF Magent
4 Wireless Village 2018 patches

A packed house is a happy house!

If there is one thing that seems consistent at the Wireless Village it is growth.  We added new members to the team, new challenges to the CTF, but nothing seems to compare to this years DEFCON.

The first Wireless Village Badge

     Thats right! Thanks to the generous donation of our sponsor spirent combined with the RF genius of our very own Russ Handorf (Satan Klaus) the Wireless Village introduced a badge which operates as a fully functional (1Hz - 6Ghz) antenna, suitable for wearing as a fashion statement or kicking ass in a wireless CTF.

Wireless Village Antenna Badge
Hooked up and running on an Ettus X310

The first Wireless Village lanyard

     And whats a badge without a lanyard?  Yet another benefit to the sponsorship of spirent!

The first Wireless Fox truly carried by "animals"

     Anyone who has been around the Wireless Village and WCTF we love the fox and hound portion of our CTF.  But this year we had some special guests playing the "fox."  One of the more fun groups running around DEFCON are the furries.  These friends of the Village turned a fox hunt into the real thing.

mBlade (@mBlade_akita) posing with our teammate Wasabi

The first Bluetooth "personal device" fox

     Another, eh, first........ for the Village was the introduction of a BT fox that is, well, let's just say, ah...............unique?  The device is a personal use device intended for placement within, a more, intimate location.  But if anyone is going to push the limits, its THIS village.  

People People People

     Each year, DEFCON has increased our venue size.  And, each year the draw to the Wireless Village talks and WCTF has outgrown that new space.  This year was no different.  We had record attendance at pretty much all our talks (standing room only) and definitely the competitor tables.   On day one, the contestant tables filled to capacity in less than one minute from opening the doors.  How large will the village get?  How much room will DEFCON continue to give us?  If the trend sticks we're hoping to see even larger volumes of players and attendees next year.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Wireless Hackers

Image result for bane cat

We take the RF back from the corrupt! The oppressors of the air waves who have kept you down with myths of free wavelengths, and we give it back to you... the people. The RF spectrum is yours. None shall interfere. Do as you please. But start by storming the challenges at Wireless Village! Step forward those who would serve. For and hacker army will be raised. The encryption will be ripped from their decadent nests, and cast out into the cold world. Challenges will be convened. Spoils will be enjoyed. Bribes for points accepted!  This great spectrum... it will endure. The Wireless Village will survive!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Winding up Day 2

Its the end of Day 2.  Competition is tight and flags are being taken.

We are wrapping things up with our final talk of the day from Village SponsorI wonder what happened to the other four?

Join us after the Hak5 talk for the
Hackers Belong after party (7pm - 10pm)
sponsored by Hak5 and Wireless Village, right here in
The Wireless Village

The Current Scoreboard as of 1300 8/11/2018

Late DAY 2

STARGEEZER arrived in-spite of his injuries


Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

PIA .    Image result for pentoo


I wonder what happened to the other four?

Great Scott Gadgets

Hacker Warehouse