Monday, August 22, 2016

Another DEF CON has come and gone; however, this year was in many ways spectacular and legen..........wait for it…....dary.  The village once again was a major highlight among the DEFCON CTFs and villages.  But this year carried another amazing triumph.  The Wireless Village was selected as a Black Badge CTF for the first time in its history.  Why does that matter you ask? Because the legendary black badge is one of the most coveted DEF CON pieces of swag EVER!  It gives the owner lifetime access to DEF CON and is the sign of a truly L337 hacker.  The winning CTF team, “Raging Security,” secured one Black Badge for the team and the honor of being the first Wireless Village Black Badge winning team.  Well done RagingSecurity! (or was it RagingPwners.... or was it RagingBoners)

R-L:  Rick, Zero_Chaos, Satanklaws, Antimatter.  (Red Barron behind Satanklaws, just the way they like it.)
Raging Security team at the podium.

This year’s challenges were enhanced by the addition of a full-fledged Industrial Control System (ICS).  This challenge was brought to the Village by Jim Gilsinn.  It brought with it some good hearted debate as well.  Rick was repeatedly chastised for call the system SCADA.  The argument being that it is ICS because it wasn’t managed, a trademark of a SCADA system.  In the end, he triumphed because it was agreed the challenge was an ICS challenge, BUT, once pawned, it became managed and therefore SCADA.

But CTF isn’t all Wireless Village has!!!

The Village’s own Zero Chaos and co-author Granolocks presented, at the DEF CON 101 talks, their amazing real-time Bluetooth device detection tool Blue Hydra.  WOW, was this well attended!!!  The tool is filled with such awesomeness that Hak5 came by to interview these two.  Want to play with Blue Hydra?  Grab a Pwnie Sena dongle or Ubertooth, get the code here on GitHub.  BETTER YET, download Pentoo, it’s already installed (along with tons of other hacking/pentesting goodness).

The CTF competition had 12 teams competing for some awesome prizes.  Speaking of prizes, this year’s sponsors were truly generous to the Village.

First place, RagingSecurity with a score of 5964

  • Ettus Hoodie and Ettus B205 (Courtesy of Ettus)
  • Hak5 Pineapple Tetra and a Hak5 Airplane (Courtesy of Hak5)
  • 3 directional Antennas (Courtesy of Simple WiFi)
  • 3 WCTF Coins, 3 WCTF patches
  • 4 Alfa WiFi  radios, 2 Alfa Holders, and 4 9Dbi Antennas, 2 travel routers (Courtesy of Mr. X)
  • BladeRF (Courtesy of Nuand
  • Pack of stickers

Second place, OopsIGotRoot was a one man team who finished with a final score of 2410.  I also should mention that it was his FIRST Wireless CTF.

  • Hak5 Pineapple Nano & a Hak5 Airplane (Courtesy of Hak5)
  • 3 WCTF Coins and Patches
  • 3 directional Antennas (Courtesy of Simple WiFi)
  • 3 Alfa Wifi radios, 4 9Dbi Antennas, 2 Alfa Holders, a travel router (Courtesy of Mr. X)
  • BladeRF (Courtesy of Nuand
  • Pack of stickers

Third place, DalesPaleAles scoring with 2219

  • Hak5 Pineapple Nano & a Hak5 Airplane (Courtesy of Hak5)
  • 3 WCTF Coins and Patches
  • 3 directional Antennas (Courtesy of Simple WiFi)
  • Pack of stickers
This year also saw the return of Wireless Village swag.  Not just simple swag mind you, but serious swag-a-licous goodies.  Awesome stickers with the Village DC24 Going Rogue logo, SDR and WiFi stickers, and Village logos.  But, the most impressive swag of all is the coveted challenge coin of this year’s con-season.  Custom designed by our own Village member Justin, this coin bears heraldry and symbology of the Village members, our CTF challenges, and our bad attitudes.  A coin truly befitting the most awesome of all CTFs.  Every member of each winning team was awarded these kick ass coins.  WHAT!? You want some of this swag or better yet a coin?  Damn straight you do!  Then come compete in Wireless Village CTF challenges at future cons, like BSidesDC and ShmooCon!

Remember dear readers…………
Not all wireless is RF!
See you at the next Con!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Up next........

Darren Kitchen and Seb Kinne from Hak5.

Both are long time friends and standing supporters of the Wireless Village.

Check out the scores:  

Welcome to the SDR Drinking Game and Shootout!

SDRs, beer and low powered dog shock collars.......
what could possibly go wrong????

Don't forget to check out the awesome speaker list today!!

Come learn SDR!
Bring your gear!!
Pwn some boxes!!!

Friday, August 5, 2016

And the end of day 1 bell has rung!!


The Games Continue at 9am tomorrow.