Tuesday, July 19, 2016


There are only few short weeks until DEF CON 24.  Wireless Village has raised the Jolly Roger and is preparing for the attack of a lifetime.

But, before that lets here a few words from our schedule......(click here)

We know there is a shit ton of stuff to do at DEF CON but believe me, its not nearly as awesome as whats happening at Wireless Village.......

  • Wireless CTF:  Great Fun, Great People, Great Hacks and Great Prizes compliments of our AMAZING sponsors!
  • Speakers, speakers, speakers:  We have an awesome line-up of speakers this year.  If your a noob or elite, there is always something new to learn.
  • Ham Radio Exams:  Once again, dc408 is hosting the on site ham radio license exams, right next door to the Wireless Village.  This is a great time to take your test and level up or join the ranks of amateur radio operators.  Start studying!!!

Six days off the Cuban coast
When a sail ahead they spied
A galleon of the treasure fleet
The mizzen lookout cried
Closer to the wind my boys
The mad eyed captain roared
For every man that's alive tonight
Will be hauling gold aboard

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Dear Mom. I know you said I'm not to consort with my hacker friends.......

All Hackers!  All Signal Snoops!
The Wireless Village CTF is calling you!
The staff is using RF against you!
So what are you going to do about it, hacker?!
Just sit there?  Of course not!
You're going to come to Wireless Village CTF.
Come forge your own imperial documents.
What will you become?!

  DefCon 24
26th Floor:  Indigo Tower
(And holy shit! Berlin and Information Society at the DefCon Saturday party? Hells yeah!)

Come spend quality time with the wireless village team. 
We fully support DWI.......Demodulating While Intoxicating.


Did I mention prizes for the winners?  Awesome gear from some of our amazing sponsors at Hak5 and Great Scott Gadgets, just to name a few.